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Marseille, shelter-port

During the COVID19 pandemic, Marseille Provence has become a shelter-port for up to more than thirty cruise ships and yachts simultaneously, for lay-up or refit operations.

The Port of Marseille Fos and the Marseille Provence Cruise Club have worked tightly with the companies, the port ecosystem, the police as well as with health and administrative authorities to welcome cruise ships and ensure them shelter and place to berth, with the maximum sanitary procedures respected. Port, airport and cruise stakeholders such as Marseille Provence Cruise Terminal, Marseille Provence Airport and port agents have also played a leading role in this crisis’ management.

During the pandemic, the remaining cruise guests were welcomed, then safely disembarked and placed in chartered buses or flights back home. Crew remaining onboard were offered different types of services from the Seamen’s Club. Besides, several cruise companies welcomed in Marseille chose to give their food surplus and furniture to local charities, helping the most fragile people and we warmly thank them for taking such positive and generous decisions. On the 1st of May, all ships participated to the world International Chamber of Shipping’s call to sound their horn, showing solidarity to all seafarers still at sea.

The Marseille Cruise Club has been a key player during this crisis and concretely helped by connecting all stakeholders together to ensure the right progress of each of these delicate operations.

We are now ready and eager for cruise operations to resume and for cruise guests to come back, in full security and serenity!

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